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Are You A Real Estate Professional?

Yesla is designed for Real Estate Professionals to facilitate property transactions with ease. No more prospecting, marketing, or open homes.

Become a Registered Agent with Yelsa

The Selling Cycle for Real Estate Agents can be demanding, exhausting and relentless. Register with Yelsa to receive referrals, and create a more reliable and steady income stream.

Yelsa connects Buyers and Sellers of property without the necessity to prospect, deliver leaflets, create marketing campaigns, erect signage or hold open homes.

Yelsa embraces the future of real estate, reduces unnecessary costs, is efficient, and better for the environment.

It’s free to create a Professional Profile and register on Yelsa. Sellers can choose to invite an Agent to represent them from the Agents directory. If they choose to accept, they pay a one-off referral fee for each property to Yelsa of $295.00.

Amazing Features for Professionals

No Prospecting

Yelsa connects Buyers and Sellers for you, so you can focus on the negotiation.

No Marketing

Say goodbye to excessive marketing campaigns.

No Open Homes

Yelsa offers an effortless process for selling property. No more time consuming open homes.

Instant Referrals

Sellers can select you to help them manage and negotiate the sale of their property.

Reliable Income

Create a more reliable and steady income stream.


We are building a reward scheme to help you get the most from Yelsa.

How It Works

It’s simple to facilitate property sales with Yelsa. Follow the steps to discover how easy it is to generate a steady income with Yelsa using our comprehensive app.

Register as a Real Estate Professional

Download the app and select Real Estate Professional during the signup. All Real Estate Licensees in New Zealand are welcome to join.

Receive Listings

Sellers can select you from the list of Agents and invite you to manage and negotiate property sales in your area.

Guide the Buyer & Seller

Guide the Buyer and Seller in the process, at any point from viewings through to unconditional sale. We have tools to make this easy for you.

Generate Reliable Income

Facilitating property transactions on Yelsa is simple, efficient and more reliable than the traditional process.

Why Professionals LOVE Yelsa!

What is Yelsa?

Yelsa is a new way to buy and sell property easily and discreetly, without having to go to the Market. Sellers can run the Yelsa Buyer Match, browse registered Buyers in their region, and invite Buyers that match their criteria. No more painful open homes or big budget marketing campaigns.

Buyers register the type of property they are looking for and wait to receive exclusive invitations to view properties before they reach the market. Every element of Buying or Selling a house is captured from start to finish using the app’s comprehensive forms and checklists.

From this point, forget everything you know about traditional Real Estate. Yelsa is an entirely revolutionary concept. Yelsa embraces the future, reduces costs, is efficient, and better for the environment.

Why should I consider becoming an Agent for Yelsa?

If you are a Real Estate Professional, you can register with Yelsa to receive referrals and earn income. The greatest challenge real estate agents face is managing their income flow. With Yelsa you can earn a more reliable and steady income stream.

What benefits are there for me to provide professional support to Yelsa users?

Yelsa connects Buyers and Sellers of property without the traditional necessity to search for business, print letters or deliver leaflets. Yelsa reduces unnecessary time and costs spent on marketing, signage and open homes held without interested buyers.

How do I become an Agent with Yelsa?

If you are thinking of becoming an Approved Agent with Yelsa, download the app and register as an Agent and you can receive requests for professional services required in your area.

Do I have to pay to become an Agent?

No, you don’t have to pay to register as an Agent. When you receive an invitation to facilitate for a property owner, if you choose to accept, you pay a one-off referral fee for each property to Yelsa of $295.00.

What fees can a Yelsa Agent charge for their services?

If your application is successful, you can offer Yelsa Sellers your professional support for a set fee of 1% (+GST). Yelsa is proud to have renegotiated the cost of selling real estate up front on behalf of every User.

How long does it take for Yelsa to process my application?

One of our team will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours. If for any reason you don’t hear back, you can contact us here.

How do I maximise the opportunity to be selected by a Seller through Yelsa?

Yelsa provides a platform for all Agents to provide a comprehensive biography for the specialist real estate services they provide. You’ll find a variety of useful tips, tricks, and videos on the website.

What kind of support will Sellers expect from an Agent?

Agents can be invited at any stage from the initial invite through to unconditional sale. An Agent can be expected to conduct viewings on behalf of the Seller, prepare contracts, manage negotiations, and ensure the maximum sale price of a home.

What are Yelsa’s Terms & Conditions for my services?

It is against our Terms & Conditions for a Real Estate Professional (or any person assisting a Real Estate Professional) to use this platform (directly or indirectly) to identify properties for prospecting purposes coming to the market. Please read the full Terms & Conditions here.

How do I know if a Seller has selected my profile as an Agent?

You will receive an email notification from Yelsa with the details of a Seller who has selected you to provide professional services. You have 24 hours to either accept or decline this invitation. Yelsa will send an email reminder notification after 12 hours. At the end of this time the invite will expire, and the Seller will be encouraged to invite a new Agent.

What should I do if I am unavailable to undertake a request for my services?

If you are unable to provide professional services you can decline the invitation. If you are going away on holiday or taking a break from Real Estate, you can set your profile to private and not show in the Agent directory until you reactivate the profile.

The best way to buy & sell property

Yelsa is the new & easy way to buy and sell property in New Zealand. You can list your property for sale on Yelsa without putting it on the market.

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