Yelsa: The Groundbreaking App for Real Estate

Run a Buyer Match to locate buyers
hunting for a property like theirs

Want the Desktop Version?

Coming Spring 2020!

Why would a smart Home Seller pay for advertising across multiple platforms to identify buyers they could have EASILY connected with on Yelsa for only $129?

Yelsa connects Buyers and Sellers of property throughout New Zealand making real estate transactions simple and affordable. Connecting Buyers & Sellers of property through Yelsa is the most cost-effective and efficient way to buy and sell property in New Zealand.

Sell Faster & Get More Offers

Did you know that on Yelsa, within 3 minutes, you can access the list of all the registered Buyers in your area? It’s simply the neighborhood buy and sell app of your dreams. When you’re ready to sell, you can upgrade your Selling Profile for a one-off fee which unlocks a second level of each Buyer’s Profile, giving you the ability to evaluate the Buyers you invite to your home.

How It Works

Yelsa was designed to create an effortless and quick process for buying and selling property. The innovative app for real estate provides a pre-market space where homeowners shop for buyers.

At your fingertips instantly determine a thorough overview of the prevailing market, to stay informed and make better decisions. Whether you’re buying or selling today, or in the future, Yelsa keeps your finger on the property pulse.

Why property Buyers LOVE Yelsa!

Yelsa arranges exclusive online invites to view properties, often before they reach the openmarket. Register for free as a Buyer with the Yelsaapp, and clinch the perfect property, at the right price, before anyone else gets the chance.

30% of properties are sold privately before they even reach the market, with the cream of the crop frequently snapped up before you get to see them. If you join Yelsa today, you gain online access to the online matching system, and when matched you can request an invitation to view from the vendor, or just ask for more information.Download the App now to experience the future of real estate.

Why property Sellers LOVE Yelsa!

Thinking of selling? Run a Yelsa Buyer Match to see an online list of Buyers active in your area.

Yelsa offers a new way to locate buyers easily and discreetly on the app. No need for excessive marketing campaigns, ‘free for all’ open homes, or commission. Talk directly to the buyers.

With Yelsayou’re in control. Create your property listing, and Yelsa will notify you when a Buyer registers online looking for property similar to yours.

Sellers can browse the list of registered Buyers that match their property, and when ready to sell, upgrade their Selling Profile on the appfor a one-off fee which unlocks a second level of each Buyer’s Profile, providing the ability to evaluate the Buyers they invite to their home.

You can also choose to enlist the support of a Real-Estate Agent to help you with the sale process for a fixed fee of only 1% (+GST).

The Better Way to Connect Buyers and Sellers

Yelsa is the new & easy way to connect Buyers with Sellers of property in New Zealand.
You can list your property for sale on Yelsa without putting it on the market.

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