Go Premium for Buyers

Be a preferred match, get exclusive privileges and more.

Why Go Premium?

Preferred Match

We know the market can be tough for Buyers. The Premium Buyer mark gives your profile the competitive advantage you need to stand out to home sellers.

Home sellers love the confidence of knowing the Buyers they engage with have demonstrated a genuine commitment to the buying process.
When home sellers begin the process of inviting Buyers, Premium profiles get the first invite to new and exciting properties.
Premium profiles receive more invitations from home sellers than standard profiles.

Concierge Services

Having your buying profile correctly set up is the key to receiving quality invitations for properties that genuinely excite you. Receive VIP access to our customer services team, to answer your questions and ensure you have a seamless experience.

How to Go Premium?

Open the App
Open the app and create a Buying profile (or go to your existing profile).
Go Premium > Learn More > Checkout
For a $49 premium membership fee, you can Go Premium. Home sellers will have the comfort that the Buyers they’re reaching out to are genuine.
Yelsa Contact
One of our team will contact you to verify your contact details and profile.
Now you have a competitive edge amongst buyers!

The Better Way to Connect Buyers and Sellers

Yelsa is the new & easy way to connect Buyers with Sellers of property in New Zealand.
You can list your property for sale on Yelsa without putting it on the market.

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